Prior to becoming a psychotherapist I studied and worked in photography and fine art. The curiosity I enjoy in creative processes feels similar to the inquisitiveness I bring to therapeutic work. Both are deep soul practices. This spirit of openness allows for an effective and meaningful process. I feel honored each day to participate in and witness the profound journeys my clients take. 

I have done deep work in my own process that allows me to help others. I believe in the adage that we can help others to go as deeply as we have gone ourselves. I have grown as a result of the relationships and experiences in my life. Connections with others have been most meaningful, including all the joys and challenges they bring.  I have suffered loss and illness, yet I cherish and participate fully in life, remaining open to joy, hope, and the unexpected. I see how beautiful moments and challenging times are frequently intertwined. In my life, accepting this brings a deep sense of peace and gratitude. Most importantly, I remain curious and will be on this quest for deeper understanding as long as I am here.

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